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You really shouldn’t count on suction type bars as a permanent solution

Suction cup grab bar

There are many misconceptions about utilizing suction mount grab bars as a permanent solution in achieving safety at home. When reading the manufacturer latitude carefully, you will find that these devices are labeled portable grab bars and the real intention of these temporary bars are for the person visiting a place that doesn’t have adequate protection for a short period of time. Many of the manufacturers of portable grab bars will show these handy devices packed in suitcases for traveling in advertising, which is a great idea when traveling to be properly prepared. Also in the latitude is a warning that stats these devices should be detached and reattached as often as daily, who has the time to do that properly everyday. Most folks figure this out after using the portable method for a while, when they find them loose and have to reattach them more and more often. Many of the installations I perform are for customers that have already seen this for themselves or have experienced an accident and I end up removing these portable devices for them and installing the real thing. Bottom line if these devices were a permanent solution I would not be in the grab bar business obviously there would be no reason. If you want a grab bar you can count when you need it, having a permanent quality grab bar installed by a professional is the only solution.



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